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Recharge time 3 hrs
Battery life approx 3 hrs
To get the maximum performance from your batteries, we recommend that you fully charge and discharge the batteries at least once when new.
Special Offer
Extra battery just £22.98 incl. VAT
RRP £53.99 incl. VAT
£129.98 incl. VAT
Including 1 x Battery
and charger
Small 26 - 32”
Medium 30 - 36”
Large 34 - 40”
X Large 38 - 44”
XX Large 42 - 48”
Heated Back Support - battery shown
Heated Back Support - front shown
Heated Back Support - tightening elasticated section for more back support
Heated Back Support - back shown
Heated Back Support
Back pain is a common problem effecting many people.
Back supports are widely used and deep heat treatment reduces muscle spasms and improves blood circulation.
So why not combine both with the Heatwave Back Support giving you up to 3 hours of warmth in constant use.
The back support has elasticated nylon sections with side support straps for a tighter fit.
Back support draws approximately 0-6 amps, while reaching 45 degrees C.
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